Dr. Phil

Children Sent Away: Trapped and Tortured?
January 22, 2013

Dr. Phil’s guests say the residential treatment centers they encountered as troubled teens did more harm than good. Marianne says she was abused at a therapeutic boarding school — and that her mom, Tami, did nothing to stop it. The two come face to face for the first time in five years. Can they call a truce and work on rebuilding their relationship? And, Nick and Theresa say they felt trapped and tortured at the residential treatment program where their mom, Leslie, sent them. Can these siblings find forgiveness?  (Directly from Dr. Phil’s website).

Theresa and Nick found forgiveness and their family healed together.  I have seen their mother’s support in DC at a SIA event.  An activist herself, she does everything she can to support her children spread the awareness.  Nick is a Film Director, Writer and Producer of Over The GW, Aaron Bacon and more!  He is spreading awareness through his filmmaking, please visit NickGaglia.com.  Theresa Penya is the author of Run.  Please visit: Run!

Dr. Phil states that there are some good programs out there and these are just a few bad apples.  A few?  Have you looked at my entire site?  This is just a handful that I have researched and I continue updating my site with more teen programs abusing children.  This has got to stop NOW!  This is an epidemic and it is happening in the United States.  It is time for some changes.  Child abuse is illegal but if we continue to allow these businesses to stay open, we are in essences consenting to child abuse because we absolutely do nothing to stop it.  -Jeneen Miller

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