Keen TV

Keen TV is a Christian TV station in Las Vegas, NV. Dale Davidson, President of Keen took the time to interview survivors of teen programs such as wilderness camps, teen boot camp programs, drug rehabilitation programs, religious programs, etc. Thank you Dale Davidson, Renee Hurdle and William Young for your support and helping us get the Word out and that we need to pass HR 1981 and help get these places shut down. It is clearly evident we need oversight in the United States of America. The more exposure we provide, it increases the probability of abusers being held accountable. Justice will be served.


Jeneen Miller Interview. Click Here.

Jodi Hobbs and Christie Niznik Interview. Click Here.

Nick Gaglia Interview. Click Here.

Jennifer Halter Interview. Click Here.

3 Survivor Stories on Keen TV Chelsea Martinez, Rhonda Lundquist and Sylvia McMillan. Click Here.

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