Survivors Of Institutional Abuse, Director Las Vegas, NV Chapter

Jeneen Miller

Jeneen Miller’s background as a Market Research Assistant at Pepperdine University/Graziadio School of Business as well as the undergraduate Business Division makes her a great asset for SIA. Her experience in the Word Processing Department at Pepperdine and trouble-shooting with faculty and staff with computer software applications add to her website creativity.  She is currently a massage therapist and enjoys the healing and meditated aspect of it on a day-to-day basis in the Las Vegas area.

Jeneen has a passion for helping others build self-esteem, teaching self-healing, writing, and helping survivors cope. A survivor herself of Victory “Christian” Academy in Ramona, CA, she will not waste time to make changes for the greater good.

“If I can just help someone feel better about themselves and help them heal, in essence it heals my broken heart.”


Jeneen Miller, Author
Pieces of Victory

To contact Jeneen Miller or 
the Pieces of Victory Team:

Administrative/Projects Manager: Barbara Waite
Phone: 805-328-2863


Survivors of Institutional Abuse visit: 

3 Responses to Contact

  1. Donna Morphew says:

    How do I join. I am a New Bethany survivor

    • Are you looking to join You don’t have to join Broken Pieces. It’s a link to other organizations and you can share your story or thoughts. Feel free to email me your story and then I will post it. Thank you. -Jeneen

  2. Hi Jeneen,

    I met you and Troy in Palm Springs are my store Cold Nose Warm Heart. Thanks for passing this site on to me. You need a like icon for this site. Thanks again, I will look at this more when I get home, still at work just wanted to sign on right after you left. Thank you, Troy Michaels Palm Springs, CA.

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