Jodi Hobbs – Survivor

As many of you may already know, when I was a teenager I was placed in a home for children. My parents were deceived and thought they were sending me to a Christian boarding school. Little did they know they were placing me in a cult, where I would be mentally physically, emotionally and sprirtually abused. After many decades I was blessed to find many of the girls I was in prison with. We have United together to bring awareness to the abuse going on inside these places.

This past weekend was the first annual SIA Convention in Long Beach, California for Survivors from many different types of Child Reform Facilities. Together we are committed to bringing awareness to this horrible crime, happening to children in America. We are committed to saving future generations from suffering like so many of us did. Together we WILL make a difference.


If you could re-post the info I post on these homes, it will help us to spread awareness to those who have no idea!! We have to STOP this so one more child doesn’t have to DIE at the hands of these MONSTERS!!!

Even though, you are not a victim of this, as a human being I ask you this, What is your obligation to the children?
Thank you all so much I love you and I hope to see these post all over Facebook.

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