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Julian Youth Academy campus neglect case

Here is their beautiful website.  Don’t be fooled America.  It’s not beautiful.  You can’t judge a book by it’s cover.  http://www.teenrescue.com/


November 2011 a mummified body of a newborn baby was found in a laundry basket on the campus of Julian Youth Academy.

A staff member named Jessica Nicole Bradford has been charged with charged with murder, child abuse and a related enhancement [1]

The mother had been a resident in the behavior modification program Julian Youth Academy offer, before she returned as a staff worker. She had worked there for about three or four years [1].

The Mother’s mental state

It is unclear whether the prosecution will insist on a psychiatric evaluation of the mothers mental state or they will go directly to trial trying to offer her a plea deal. The mother could face life in prison if convicted.

While she was forced to attend the academy she was warned against relationship before marriage. In most Christian programs they blame the girls if they have been molested by adults. It is not known why the mother was sent to Julian Youth Academy but they are known for taking girls in who engage in relationships parent don’t want them to. The kind of so-called therapy she received during her stay in the program must have led to believe that the newborn was an enemy sent by the devil trying to lure her of her Christian lifestyle and as result of her belief she neglected the child by not feeding the newborn daughter.

There have been other cases where mothers who give birth to daughters will see to that the life of the baby end soon in order to prevent the child from becoming a victim and going through the same ordeal they went through.

A psychiatric evaluation of the mother would properly provide the answers to why she did choose not to feed the child. However it is up to the prosecution whether they will offer that kind of money on this case.

I’m only going to include 2 comments of the 198 comments of JYA.  You can click on this link for the rest.  Thank you.  Here are the rest of the comments:  http://projects.latimes.com/schools/school/julian/julian-youth-academy/

198 comments about Julian Youth Academy

Former Student: According to my eye-witness account, the institution’s weaknesses are as follows:

They follow a strict punishment/reward system based on the student’s behavior that could be viewed as controversial.

They specialize in behavior modification therapy, however, none of the staff to-date are accredited or licensed counselors, social workers, or psychologist. Many of the staff are under the age of 30. Most ranging in closer proximity to the students age than anything else. Many staff members do not even have a college education.

The program has been adapted from other boarding placement, and behavior modification programs, to which they add other ways of teaching that works best for their circumstances. State, and local government regulation is seriously limited.

Some punishments include isolation, where a child is to go without speaking, looking at, or interacting in any way with other people for a period of time ranging from 24 hours to a month. Other punishments include excessive cleaning, shoveling dirt or digging large holes, over-exertion in exercise such as running until sick. The girls are also required to eat excessive amounts of food and many graduate from the program with a BMI that puts them in the percentile of obesity.

Other behavior modification is used such as writing Biblical verses to excess regardless of your religion, culture, or denomination.

Events from the “outside” world are forbidden in most cases to be discussed or viewed. There is no discussion allowed about politics, other religions outside Christianity, music, art, etc. The curriculum in school is based of Alpha and Omega home studies and many girls are witnessed to be behind in education after they graduate.

The emotional distress caused by the program is evident and outrageous. In some cases, pregnant children are forced to live there against their will and are provided with the very minimal legal requirement of health care.

Other health care concerns have been raised by former parents and students. Physicals and check-ups are not done by a doctor of a parent or child’s choosing and are often not granted at all.

There is a lack for basic rights to privacy such as surveillance cameras in the girls dormitory and monitors used to listen in on conversations in the girls private quarters. Upon arrival, girls are not allowed to use the bathroom facilities with the door closed. Even a staff is placed in front of the door. I’ve witnessed this lead to humiliation and nervousness in the girls. Some girls will hold back their need to use the restroom due to embarrassment, thus creating internal problems which go untreated although often complained about.

I would sum up my biggest complaint about the school by saying for a school to claim to deal specifically with psychological and emotional behavior in teenage girls, they have very limited resources or accreditation to treat such cases.

— Christine James

October 14, 2008 at 9:36 p.m.

I am responding to the “former student’s” eye-witness account posted on October 14, 2008. It appears that the person that submitted this post does not wish to be known for we have never had a student at our school with the name of Christine James.
Point #1: None of the consequences that students experience are any different than those used at public schools. We do not use corporal punishment in any way, shape or form. We do not use scripture as punishment. So as to the “strict” punishment that the writer claimed could be controversial, this is just not true.
Point #2: We are a private school with a registered State Board of Education affidavit. We are a Federal and State non-profit 501(c3) corporation. We are accountable to our accreditation bureau, which holds us to a state legislated standard for all of the school curriculum which we use.
Point #3: We do not use isolation for ANY length of time as discipline for our students. We remove students from inappropriate circumstances or situations, not unlike any public school would do, to protect our student body. We do not have students shoveling dirt or digging holes. We do not abuse any of our students by making them run until they are sick. We do not require the students to eat more than they are comfortable eating.
Point #4: We do not EVER use the
Bible as a means for discipline. In regards to outside world contact being forbidden, we involve our students by going to museums, to the lake for water-skiing trips, and to public restaurants for meals.
Point #5: In the history of our school, we have accepted 3 pregnant teenagers. In every case, the experience was wonderful and there was never any legal or medical resources withheld from the expectant students.
Point #6: We have never refused or withheld medical care from any of our students. We are extremely conservative and if a student says they are ill, even if we suspect that the illness might be feigned by the student, we always treat the complaint as legitimate and act appropriately for the protection of the student.
Point #7: There are no surveillance cameras in any inappropriate location throughout the school campus.

Although this was an obvious attempt to disparage us and what we do, we are a caring Christian school for kids who need redirection. We would encourage you to go to our website at www.teenrescue.com and determine for yourself who speaks the truth.


Phil Ludwig, Founder and CEO
Teen Rescue, Inc.

— Phil Ludwig

October 20, 2008 at 12:53 p.m.

I would just like to speak my mind to Christine James. My name is Susan and I am a parent of a student who is currently in the program. I am very upset and disturbed that you would make comments like that. My daughter like most teenagers these days led a very troubling life and it was not getting better. She was very rebellious, her grades were horrible and school was nothing more than a social gathering, and at the age of 15 she could do it all by her self. My husband and I realized that we just couldn’t go on this way and we were losing our daughter. Everything we did just made things worse and we were doomed. We decided that this was bigger then us and we needed help. By the grace of God I found this program called “Julian Youth Academy” and I knew this was the answer to my prayers. Don’t get me wrong I looked at other programs, I called each one and did my homework I just kept coming back to Julian. So, once the decision was made to send her to Julian. Then I had to put them under the microscope and check them out. I called parents of former and current students, I also talked to a graduated student and just knew this is the place. My husband and I toured the campus and talked to about 5 girls and asked as many questions as we could think of. I was crying the whole time, and the only thing I could think of was, if my daughter would change at least half of what these girls in front of me were then I would be more then happy. So we did send her and it was the hardest thing that we ever did. The worst thing that ever happened to my family was actually best thing that ever happened to us. My daughter has been in the program almost 9 months, and the change we see in her is the most exciting thing that we have ever experienced. I wish that every parent with a troubled teenager would have the pleasure of sending thier daughter to Julian.

Christine, as to your so called eye-witness accounts I also seen the girls digging with a shovel, they were planting beautifull flowers. And yes they do eat very well, 3 balanced meals a day, every teenager should be so lucky to eat like these girls. My daughter is actually eating vegetables, salads, drinking milk and having fruit on a daily basis. So I think you should be ashamed of yourself for writing such nonsense and get out of the way of a good thing. And as for the staff being under the age of 30 thats not all true but some are, and I feel that thats a good thing. My daughter loves the staff at Julian. The last time I checked, being the age of 25 to 30 is considered an adult.For parents reading this who feel there is no hope for you I strongly suggest you look into this program. The staff at Julian are amazing, I beleive that this place is trully Heaven Sent. I also am more than willing to speak to any one that has questions, especially a parent who is looking for answers. If you call the program they will let you know how to get in contact with me.

A happy parent


October 22, 2008 at 9:25 a.m.

Please vote now and make a difference.

  It’s obvious that these programs need oversight.  



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