Dwayne Walker – Survivor


Dwayne Walker is a videographer/web designer in Los Angeles, California. His movies include Bible Madness and Wrestling Then and Now (produced by Evan Ginzburg, associate producer of The Wrestler). Visit walkertown.com for more information.

Dwayne Walker uses his talents to help other survivors.  He is so passionate about helping others and he does it daily.  I was lead to Dwayne after Michele Ulriksen passed away.  I wanted answers and Dwayne responded in 0.5 seconds.  I was extremely devastated when Michele Ulriksen passed away.  She was the only one I truly felt comfortable with because I knew she was “off the remote control.”  Dwayne was definitely a vehicle for me and lead me to SIA (Survivors of Institutional Abuse).  Now, I’m able to help other survivors because of an angel.

-Jeneen Miller

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