Deaths – Teen Programs

Please take a look at this death toll:

Please note:  They list Aaron Bacon death by natural causes but Northstar Expeditions Wilderness Program TX (a residential treatment program) killed him.  Please see the movie.  I need to call this organization and have them see his documentary.  Here is the link for Aaron’s story:

Also, please visit this site to view an article in the LA Times regarding Aaron Bacon:

There is no federal or state agency, that we know of, that tracks the number of deaths of youth in residential treatment facilities, boot camps, wilderness programs, behavior modification programs, etc., nor is there any federal or state agency that tracks the number of deaths of youth after they leave such programs. Every effort has been made to ensure accuracy.

Legislation passed in 2000 by Congress (Children’s Health Act 2000) that requires treatment facilities who receive federal funds to report deaths caused by restraints and seclusion procedures within 24 hours after the child has been removed from or seclusion or when it is reasonable to assume the death is a result of the restraint or seclusion.

NOTE: “Natural causes,” means a death that is not a homicide, suicide or due to accident.

State-funded programs – lighter shade of green

Please hear Mark Levine’s interview regarding the death toll statistics with Greg Kutz.

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