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Survivors of Institutional Abuse (SIA) is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to empower and aid in the healing of adults who have been subject to live in private or government institutions, detention centers or foster care. Adults that have been subject to institutional abuse share feelings of sadness, rejection and shame about the past. Many struggle to understand who they are and where they belong, and have difficulty trusting and relating to others. SIA provides events to reunite with others, meetings/groups, and referral to outside resources.

SIA Organization Board Members
Jodi Hobbs President
Jodi Hobbs has an BA in IT and an MBA. Working in the technology industry for over 15 years she has helped many for profit and non profit organizations with their technical needs. Jodi has a successful tech based business. She is a survivor of Victory Christian Academy, a youth treatment facility that once operated in Ramona, CA. VCA was closed after scathing accusations of abuse were leveled against the proprietor.Mrs. Hobbs formed Survivors of Institutional abuse (SIA) to help those affected by abusive treatment in behavioral modification type programs. “SIA is about healing and leading a positive, peaceful and healthy life. Anything we can do to assist in getting a survivor on positive path.”



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