Valerie Rose Lohman

Valerie Rose LohmanValerie Rose Lohman – Lead Actress

that played Jeneen in
Pieces of Victory, book trailer.

When Filmmaker, Ryjin Pearson with Dark Fujin Productions and I sifted through over two hundred actors, I came across Valerie Rose Lohman. We were looking for someone over eighteen to play a sixteen-year old girl.

As I watched Valerie’s theater work, segments of her reels, listened to her voice overs and singing talents, I did not see any scenes of crying and screaming. I needed an actress to have sadness and anger but based on her other work intuitively… I knew she could pull it off.

I was impressed with a heated argument scene she had with a teen boy who was interested in becoming more than friends. I knew she could play the love scene because of her intensity from her reel.

Valerie is humble, professional and punctual. She does not hesitate to ask questions regarding her character. I described my experiences with parents, my boyfriend (at the time) and the horror of the lockdown reform school. She can work outside the box and we threw a lot of extra scenes and dialogue at her. Nothing is beneath her or over her head. She nailed every scene! All of the emotions I was looking for, rose (pun) to the surface!

Valerie is extroverted and works well with others. She understands what it takes to give one hundred percent to a project.

I am so honored to have Valerie be a part of the Pieces of Victory, Book Trailer. It will be used as a vehicle to make serious changes in preventing child abuse in teen programs! In essence, she plays an important role on making a difference.

The younger version of myself is Valerie Rose Lohman and she played it well!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart,

Jeneen Miller, Producer/Author
Pieces of Victory

Click her for Valerie Rose Lohman’s Website!

The Press-Enterprise by Patrick Brien:

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