Daniel Van Dyke

407467_10150668736367788_844519543_n Daniel Van Dyke played the Preacher at the lockdown reform school,
Victory Christian Academy.

The pseudonym I use for the Preacher is QC (Quality Control)

I’ll never forget the time Filmmaker, Ryjin Pearson with Dark Fujin Productions and I combed through over two hundred bios for Pieces of Victory, Book Trailer. Immediately, I saw Daniel and he looked like the Preacher from Victory when he wore glasses or at least, a younger version of him. I clicked on his reel and viewed his role of angry and crazy in a scene. “Stop right there! That’s him! That’s our guy for the Preacher! He can do CRAZY!” I exclaimed to Ryjin!

Whatever I was impressed with on Daniel Van Dyke’s reel certainly, did not match up to his performance while on the set for Pieces of Victory. He over exceeded any of our expectations! In fact, while I was in chapel and he was on the stage holding his Bible interrogating the girls (other actors), I had a flashback to when I was a sixteen-year old girl in that same spot. We were persecuted by a monster that used God as a green light to abuse. Daniel played the role perfectly that he had me jumping and the actors. I guarantee that their shaking movements and body language of intimidation were real fear and not acting! This is how believable Daniel’s anger and madness became and he gave an outstanding performance.

Daniel was the first actor to show up and the last one to leave. He went above and beyond the call of duty because he believed in the project. He was professional, humble and asked questions so he could get into character. He can also switch characters in a blink of an eye. For example, he could be talking in his normal personality in between scenes and then get into his CRAZY character when Ryjin shouted, “Action!”

I cannot express enough, how grateful I am to have Daniel Van Dyke be a part of my book trailer that will be the vehicle to prevent child abuse in teen programs. This trailer will definitely send a message to parents that are contemplating sending their children to reform schools, wilderness camps, bootcamps, conversion therapies, rehabilitation programs. If there is a 50/50 chance that one’s child will be abused in these programs, why would one take that risk? Unfortunately, the statistics are much higher.

Again I thank you, Daniel Van Dyke. You gave an outstanding performance that knocked our socks off!


Jeneen Miller, Producer/Author
Pieces of Victory

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