Jadon Fitzpatrick

Jadon Fitzpatrick – playing Drake McCallister
for the Pieces of Victory, Book Trailer.

Jadon Fitzpatrick #3Jadon FitzpatrickMy Filmmaker, Ryjin Pearson with DarkFujin Productions and I went through over two hundred actors to find
the right fit for Drake McCallister. We were slightly under the gun so to speak. Without seeing a reel under the bio that was sent to us, we felt like Jadon fit the bill based on his resume. We were unaware of the extent of caliber regarding his performances until, on the set.

Fortunately for us, we had many actors that sent in their resumes and reels, pics etc. Ryjin and I went ahead and selected an actor best suited for the character knowing the ins-and-outs of my book.

Jadon Fitzpatrick gave a great performance. His acting was natural and he came across as a mature sixteen-year old boy. The chemistry was nothing more than incredible between Jadon and actress, Valerie Rose Lohman. He made me tear up during several scenes.

Jadon is professional, a team player and will go above and beyond the call of duty to make the project work. For example: Ryjin and I added scenes/dialogue at the last minute. Jadon nailed it and “hit it out the park!” Good job, Jadon and thank you for playing Drake McCallister!

Again, Ryjin and I did not see any reels on Jadon Fitzpatrick. We had a different bio. We took a chance based on his look for the main character and his resume qualifications. I searched for his reels on line after filming and was blown away! Apparently, we hired the best!

The book trailer, Pieces of Victory that Jadon Fitzpatrick was significantly part of will shed light on child abuse that unfortunately, continues today in teen programs! Thank you for being part of the change by using your talents in a powerful vehicle to spread awareness.


Jeneen Miller, Producer/Author
Pieces of Victory



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