Stay Away From…

Do Not Use Artificial Sweeteners!

I will not point my fingers at the names of artificial sweetener companies. You know who they are…

NO Sucralose – Aspartame.

What can I have?

Unsweetened Almond Milk actually sweetens coffee along with cinnamon!

No Fried Food! If you cut out fried food all together that is more than half the battle! I don’t even count calories! Just cutting out fried food and soft drinks out of the equation is more than half the battle! Of course, you have your designated cheat day per week! Allow yourself to cheat but I personally pick and choose what I want and I rather have something else other than fried foods or soda pop!

No soft drinks! Stay away from DIET  anything soft drinks!

What can I have?

  • Water (you can add) lemon, lime, strawberries, blueberries – you get the idea
  • Teas without sugar – Mint green tea with lemon, peach tea, etc.
    I love tea cold or hot! Tea with ice/lemon and mint leaves! My favorite!
  • Coffee with unsweetened almond milk and cinnamon to increase metabolism! 


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