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Escuela Caribe

Step 1:  I posted a video last night on my blog that Escuela Caribe created on YouTube.  They also added Christian music in the background which made my stomach turn since I know the true story.  This morning, it was private.  The “marketers” must have seen my little comparison.   I have pictures I found on the Internet of this place marketing it in a way that looks like heaven on earth.  A paradise to send your troubled teen especially if you have a lot of money.  Here are some pictures:





Step 2:  Read these comments:

Top Comments

  • Looks beautiful.

    This place is Hell.

    I was abused in every which way. My screams only brought more large men, and further abuse.

    I’m luck I am still alive.

    777bluelight 4 months ago 7 

  • This is disgusting.

    TheRasputinnation 4 days ago 4 

  • Fuck you a million times. You call yourselves Christians? Good luck. Jesus is turning over in his grave.

    famousgirl9x9 2 days ago

  • If you feel you need to reprogram your kids, then your position might be wrong in the first place.

    easttopekan 2 days ago

  • If I was there, oh, it would be the best ten years of my life.

    I could fuck them up.

    Willful disobedience will get you far.

    UpToEleven11 2 weeks ago

  • No one’s burned down the administration, yet? Pity…

    Death2Evil 1 month ago

  • lie lies LIES! This school is pure torture and needs to be burned to the ground!!!!!

    jelxym 1 month ago

  • This is the place to send your kids if you want to make sure they become Atheists. Forreal, this place will turn your children from religion with a vengance. This video looks nice and all, but it’s a bunch of lies. Ask anyone who has been there. Most kids don’t make it out brain washed like their parents want them to be. Instead they return home broken and swearing off God forever. The people who run this place can not possibly call themselves Christians. They are child torturers.

    slipperroom1 1 month ago

  • *lucky

    What a filthy piece of propaganda this video is…Shame on all you bible gripping pedophiles!

    777bluelight 4 months ago

    Step 3:  Please step inside:

    Step 4:  Do something about it.  Vote HR 3126 to put an end to this non-sense.  You say, “This is the Dominican Republic’s problem.”  No, it’s our problem.  We have US citizens being kidnapped.  It’s still open for business.  Make a difference today and vote:

    HR 3126 – Click this link.

    To help with funding of David’s documentary, please visit:  http://www.kidnappedforchrist.com

    This is for David:  10 Beautiful

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