Beauty By Design

Taking care of your outward appearance can make you feel confident inward. Whether it is taking care of your skin, make-up or fashion these are tools one can use for reconstructing mental and physical destruction.

I am a survivor of institutional abuse and was forced into a lockdown reform school. Most of these children have been physically and mentally beat leaving scars. As an adult, we learn how to cope with the aftermath.

In my tab Coping Methods – Healing/Building Self-Confidence, I will have my personal tools that I have used to help with skincare, face/body reconstruction and fashion.

My goal is to help other survivors feel the best they can so they can pay it forward.


Dr. Robert Troell is my personal recommendation. I have had several procedures and have the utmost confidence in his practice.



Chin & Cheek Enhancements & Implants
Ear Reshaping
Eye Cosmetic Surgery (Blepharoplasty)
Face Lift & Neck Rejuvenation
Facial Fat Grafting
Forehead & Eyebrow Lifts
Laser Skin Resurfacing
Lip Augmentation
Nose Beautification (Rhinoplasty)

Natural Breast Augmentation
Body Fat Grafting
Brazilian “Butt Lifts”
Laser Skin Therapy
VASER Ultrasound Lipo
Water-Jet Liposuction

Body Scrubs & Wraps
Chemical Peels
Dermal Fillers
Hair Removal (Sugaring/Laser)
Laser Skin Therapy
Massage Therapy
Skin Lightening


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