IMG_2545When I was 9-years old, a family member (who happened to be a Photographer) told me that I could not be a model. He went into explicit detail of why my goal was completely unattainable because of the peach fuzz on my face. I was mortified and wanted to duck my entire little girl under the nearest red carpet.

Over the years, I had amateur photographers want to take my pictures. I’m currently working with Ryjin Pearson (DarkFujin Productions) and he will be taking pictures for my upcoming book, Pieces of Victory.

I’m in the midst of sending out a video and letter to Rent the Runway about incorporating them on my website to help empower survivors of institutional abuse. How you feel on the outside makes you feel more confident inward. I have many coping mechanisms to share with survivors and I will embody Rent the Runway. When self-esteem has been torn down by verbal abuse, we need tools to rebuild our structure.

*Also, visit: Empowering survivors!

Rent the Runway is an affordable way to wear high end clothing everyday of the week. It is only $139 a month for unlimited. Sizes go up to 22. You can choose professional styles for a talk show, interviews or look fabulous and elegant for a night on the town! It’s an ingenious way to feel like a model on the nearest runway.

  • No rental fees
  • Free shipping, dry cleaning & insurance
  • Cancel anytime

Here is a personal video I put together to show you how creative you can get with Rent the Runway!



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