img_1698Tico, my Meyers Parrot was rescued in San Diego last December of 2015. Here is my story…

For those who read my book, you will know the piece regarding my two parakeets and this will all make sense.

Troy, my husband and I took a trip to San Diego to visit a bird rescue to adopt a bird. After writing a very painful piece regarding my childhood, I thought it would be cathartic. For many years, my “nine-year old self” blamed me for being responsible for the deaths of two birds. After writing my thoughts on paper and putting it into perspective, I asked myself a question… Would I blame a child and tell he/she, it was all their fault? As soon as I had that epiphany, I was on a mission to adopt a “baby dinosour!”

I wanted to stop off at a pet store first to get my feathered friend some toys and supplies before the adoption. Omar’s Exotic Birds had several McCaws, Conures, Indian Ringnecks, Rainbow Lorikeets and so on and so forth. They were comparably priced but my plan was to adopt at a rescue for $250 and up. We told the management how we were planning on rescuing a bird and needed their help with purchasing the bare necessities. They were extremely accommodating and wanted to know if I would be interested in a small parrot. I said, “Yes!” They brought out a Meyers Parrot and right away, we bonded. Tico stepped up to me and I spent quality time with him. His feathers were clipped too short, he was abused by previous owners (who fortunately dropped him off at a pet shop), he was skittish, and he dived crashing down to the ground because he could not glide. He was bleeding near his anus and six months later, I found out he was also burned. I had to have Tico. I was drawn to his soul and Troy and I decided to wait a week until he got better to take him home. What are the odds that there was a bird in desperate need of rescue at a retail bird shop at the exact time, I was about to adopt a bird at the San Diego Bird Rescue.

Tico was the right fit for me and I love him so much. I am letting his wings grow out so he can eventually fly. Presently, he can glide down as opposed to crashlanding on the floor. He has confidence and we have visited Omar’s Exotic Birds so they could see his progress. The first week was nerve-wracking for me. Every time I covered Tico’s cage at night, I would rush over to make sure he was alive. My anxiety was at an all-time high (because of childhood memories) at first until, I conditioned myself with repetition that I wouldn’t find him at the bottom – dead. After numerous times of telling him how much I love him before he went to sleep and waking up lifting the cover (only to find him peaceful on his perch), my anxiety diminished. My personal demons from my past left my space.

img_1698-2Tico is my mascot to help prevent child abuse in teen programs. Every time someone watches a video, it will lead back to my website: PiecesofVictory.com! This is only one of many miracles that is linked with my book, Pieces of Victory.

You can visit: It’s Tico Time! on YouTube and subscribe to follow his healing progress! He has such a personality and I am so grateful to have him in my life. He rescues me everyday! I named him Tico. It is the Costa Rica name for the male locals (since he is male). Although his origin is Africa, I thought Tico was fitting!

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