The Raven

img_2285Pieces of Victory & the Raven! Here is my story…

I wrote a piece for my book called, the Raven. I flashback to what my life was like prior to getting thrown into a locked-down reform school. I attended Cornerstone Christian and excelled in my studies. Sounds like grounds to toss me into a so-called prison, right? I ended up memorizing the Raven by Edgar Alan Poe and for extra credit, I memorized the whole entire poem. I went the extra mile in all my classes but especially, my English Literature Class. My ambitious attitude landed me a big fat A+!

Four months later, I was locked into a private boot camp for the wayward with no way out. The repercussions of the abusive school for troubled teens (Victory Christian Academy), left me feeling unfit to society. I couldn’t even look at a baby or any guests coming into the church. I had to keep my head down. This Preacher convinced every student that we were untouchables and the epitome of lowlifes.

About four years ago, I was presented with adopting my brother-in-law, Matt’s baby. For years, I made up excuses why I should not have one of my own. I teeter-tottered with the idea but my negative thoughts seem to override the possibility. Finances, I don’t have all my ducks in a row and my list extended on… I agreed to the adoption -just like that. It is easier for me to rescue a child then to make a conscious decision to have one of my own. I started talking to Troy about my doubts again and the phone rang…it was my brother-in-law. “It’s a girl and her name is Raven!” Matt had no idea about my book or my piece regarding the Raven. After I told him my story, he made me promise to spell it different. I crossed my fingers and agreed.

What were the odds that the minute I doubted myself, I received a call about my future Raven? Raven is such an unusual name! I mean, when was the last time you called someone…Raven? Although the plan for Raven did not follow through, my heart became open to the possibilities of becoming a nurturing loving mother.

The miracle is my open door to my Raven!

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