The Piano

img_1200In order to understand the miracle of the piano, you’ll have to read my book, Pieces of Victory!

At the age of sixteen-years old, I was trapped inside a so-called POW camp in America. I fought for freedom in my mind by coming up with a plan for self-soothing. One of my coping mechanisms, in order to digest how I was tossed into a lockdown for the wayward, was my will to learn piano. It was going to be my time to imagine playing for Drake McCallister (my first love) and it was the only spark of hope I had left…

When the Dorm Mother of an unfit reform school caught wind of my intentions, all hell broke loose. I was forbidden to play the ebony and ivory because it reminded me of my boyfriend. Worse, I could no longer utter his name – D R A K E. If I rebelled, I would be thrown into isolation for weeks or months. There was no communication between Drake and I. I could not use the phone or write anyone except… my parents. Unfortunately, those mandatory letters were also monitored. Worse, conversations about my former life were not permitted and would have a hefty repercussion if I did not comply. I could not talk about the outside world – period. Basic human rights vanished and the only escape I had… was my mind.

The only chance I had of self-reconstruction was my ambition to play for my one-true-love. Unfortunately, my positive outlet was extinguished by Victory Christian Academy. When I was finally free from the school of the living hell, I never attempted to learn how to play the piano. I just blocked it out of my mind like an unwanted nightmare.

After writing the piece about my forbidden love, I became enraged… No one can tell me that I cannot play the piano because it reminds me of someone I love! I grabbed my keys to my car and headed for the Family Music Center and bought a used baby grand piano. I played for hours a day until, I learned how to master one song on an intermediate level. Visit: Playground Sessions

Here is my freedom and my miracle of self-healing in a video!

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