Drake McCallister

img_1698-2Tico, my Meyers Parrot and Drake McCallister are significant because both are pieces of victory. In order to thoroughly understand this, it’s best if you read my book!

Tico started squawking uncontrollably while he lifted his right wing in agony (No Republicans involved – Tico is Independent!). Immediately, I knew he was in pain and something was not right. I looked under his wing (while he lifted it) to find one of his almost loose feathers poking him. I read an article that birds could possibly bleed to death and I knew I had to do something. I called Troy over and we did not want to remove it ourselves because it could cause further damage. We rushed like mad all over town frantically looking for a vet that would examine and treat a bird. It was two o’clock in the morning and no animal hospital could see my exotic bird. We finally found an animal emergency that would treat Tico. I gasped when I looked at the street name… There it stood fully lit by a street lamp in an industrial area – D r a k e  L a n e.

Drake McCallister is the main character in my book, Pieces of Victory.

After the vet carefully removed the feather, Tico had some bleeding under his wing. The wound was cauterized and Tico is now doing better.

What are the odds that my emergency vet for my bird, Tico is on a lane called Drake?

Note: I also have a business card with the street name coinciding with the main character but because I have pseudonyms, I’m unable to include it. Just take my word for it! Tico will squawk out the real name, if you give him a pecan!


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