Funding my Book Trailer

One day, I got the notion to invest in a book trailer to promote, Pieces of Victory. What a great way to market through social media and using it as a vehicle for other business opportunities. I researched other companies producing book trailers and I thought they looked very professional but I knew Filmmaker, Ryjin Pearson could produce the highest caliber possible. Ryjin is creative, professional and will listen to my vision. I was on a mission to make this happen. I am a LMT (Licensed Massage Therapist) accommodating guests in various casinos.

I decided to put my bills on hold and take one week to come up with at least half. I knew, I would have to stay in the casino until 7 a.m. to make this happen. I worked from 10 p.m. until 7 a.m. without any breaks for two days. I earned $1,000 in two days but that wasn’t enough to reach my goal. All I need is one whale in the casino and my life would be so much easier! Well, a whale is hard to come by these days and the odds were two or three times a year for me. It wasn’t Super Bowl weekend or a holiday but I was determined to manifest the completion of my goal.

My first client (who happens to be a big player) at the nostalgic Miami themed casino was sitting at the gaming table. Occasionally, one could catch the scent of the mafia’s essence left behind this 1957′s establishment. I spotted my friend’s energetic smile immediately. He agreed to getting a massage and I worked on him for over an hour. I told him my story about the book trailer and my goal for the week just making conversation and catching up with him. After his winning hand at Black Jack, he handed me over two chips -just like that! It was the remaining balance I needed for my trailer. He said, “I put myself through law school and you just need a break. You just need a break! You are helping prevent child abuse in teen programs and I am behind you one hundred percent! Think of it as funding your project!” I couldn’t believe it! I had to pinch myself several times. It was surreal and I had to tell myself that this was indeed, my new reality. I thanked (let’s call him Matty) countless times and hugged him! I asked him, “What made you come to Vegas? You are usually here for Super Bowl and come only on special occasions.” He then replied, “I just wanted to get-away and I left on a whim!”

The act of kindness from my friend, Matty from Chicago will never be forgotten. I am looking forward to showing him the end result of an investment that will make a difference and save our children from further abuse. I am so grateful to have this angel in my life.

Special thanks to Matty from Chicago for making Pieces of Victory rise to the surface! The greatest investment you can make is the belief in yourself!


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