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12063698_1708518856046079_4807704988922969171_nWhen I was locked up in the cesspool of America’s reform school, Victory Christian Academy, I was conditioned to feel subhuman. Trained in this bootcamp, the ruthless repetition left me brainwashed to feel like I meant nothing to God and inadequate for society.

Parents could only visit their children after the first three months in order for the teachings of this program to really sink in. This included: isolation in a closet (for days, weeks and months), standing in front of a pole for hours at a time, demerits, humiliation, force feedings, forcing to eat a child’s own vomit, 3 feet behind another student, training other children to abuse and so on and so forth. I tried many times to escape this world of hell and one of my mental exits was the time, I glanced at a baby in church. It was parent-visit-day at the pearly gates of the righteousness. I thought about having a baby in the future with my high school sweetheart, Drake McCallister – perhaps, after college. The one of many escapes soon had bars that slammed in my face in a matter of seconds. I was forbidden to look at a baby. I had to put my head down and remain silent. Worse, I could not look at the guests period. Period.

11880432_1688056044759027_6769614623466254028_nAfter I was finally free from the land of the living hell, I came up with every excuse one could think of not to have a child of my own.

While working as a Massage Therapist in the casino at Planet Hollywood, I met Jeff Stewart. Jeff and his wife started visiting orphanages on their vacations to hold babies and care for them. They started Dream Missions! Jeff Stewart is a Dentist (see side-note) and offers dental care for the less fortunate children. I became friends with him on Facebook and kept in touch over the years. A contact from ChildCare Uganda friended me on Facebook through the Dream Missions connection. For a while, I didn’t know his name. I just knew him as ChildCare Uganda! lol Let’s just call him Drake Luganda (because I’m protecting an identity that is coinciding with this name) and he is running a Christian orphanage in Uganda. I can go visit anytime I want and hold a baby in my arms. I deserve to hold a baby in my arms!

What are the odds that the person running a Christian orphanage in Uganda has the same name as one of the main characters in my book, Pieces of Victory. If that wasn’t enough… I have the opportunity to self-heal by caring for children that have been abandoned.

*Side-Note: Dentist – Read my book, Pieces of Victory to see the significance of a dentist. Drake and ChildCare Uganda is one of many miracles that are correlating with my book, Pieces of Victory.

*Please note: I had to change the name of the main character and the contact name from Uganda. I use pseudonyms for characters in my book to protect their identity. The real names are identical. Contact ChildCare Uganda and someone will be able to help you.

Merry Christmas, Drake Luganda! Thank you for the love I feel from ChildCare Uganda! Visit: Pieces of Victory!

I can now tell you with absolute certainty that ******* is everything you believe and a true #LikeMind .. :)  Thank you Jeneen for your persistence.. :) #ItsTimeForTheChildren  :)  We will be back and my friends David Oteko and Jesse Lyon will visit he and the beautiful children he helps to succeed:)

 — with DreamMissions Stu and Dawn Sewald.



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