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The Rad Reality Show interviewed James Swift, Author of Rusted Rhinestones. The book is an autobiography of how he survived torment in a boys home in Louisiana, New Bethany.

At the age of fifteen-years old, he was forced to a conversion therapy. Prior to this, their pastor encouraged his parents to beat him to get the demon out of him. Parents physically, spiritually and emotionally abused him.

At fifteen-years old, staff forced him into a van to a lockdown conversion therapy. In this camp, he was forced to live in a chain-linked cage, a can instead of a restroom, fed dog food mixed with water (only if he earned it), restraints (chains), striped naked standing on cold concrete (in December), electric shock after strapping him to a table (in order to get the demon out), strapped down to a wooden chair and restrained hands in order to put toothpicks underneath nails to rip them completely out by using a mallet, sodomized him, and conditioned him to believe that he was an abomination to God.

We need justice here. The staff have brutally tortured these children for being gay. This is horrific and we wouldn’t tolerate a serial rapist, domestic violence, child abuse and yet, this so called conversion therapy has ruthlessly abused countless children for decades. Decades…

The hypocrisy makes me sick. The monsters that ran this so called program are convinced these children are demon possessed because they are gay, act feminine and are an abomination to God and yet, these pedophiles were sodomizing little boys?

These monsters charged parents thousands of dollars for this so called therapy and then tortured this poor little boy using the name of God.

Louisiana has let this slip through the cracks for years. Years. Sue the state of Louisiana. This is America. We need to protect our children. I do not feel protected in this country. Prove me wrong, America. Let’s make some changes to restore this country.

Conversion therapies need to disappear. Honestly, if parents cannot accept their children for who they are, they need therapy or give their child to a loving home. Let’s make these billion dollar programs vanish because child abuse is against the law. Social services can remove a child from a family that is subjected to serious danger so why not these programs? This doesn’t make any sense to me.

To alienate your child because they are gay is hate – not love. The real Divinity is Love.

Click here for radio show: James Swift’s story.




Click here to purchase his book, Rusted Rhinestones.

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