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On December 5th, I asked survivors to verify facts and this is how they responded.

ATTN All Survivors of Victory “Christian” Academy:

It was 20 minutes timed to eat our meals, correct? I’m just verifying. I want everything accurate.

I wrote about the force feeding if we did not finish all of it. Halves/whole. It sat in front of GR until we finished it even if it took days/weeks. I also added the threats of eating our own vomit. I’m wanting to verify the time but if you want to add anything else, please do. I put in the one incident of the food blended in a shake and forced fed to a student and the threats. Thanks for your help. Pass it forward if I missed anyone. Ty!

Trisha Vasquez
Trisha Vasquez 15 for breakfast n dinner 20 min for lunch
Left in my own vomit for days… forced to eat vomit… lines… GR for months…. blended food and sat on put a funnel down my throat…. cut a inch off my hair every time I didn’t finish on time! ( my hair was passed my butt, they realized it didn’t work when my hair got to my shoulders) took items from me jewelry clothes till I only wore dorm clothes and had no belongings even took my bed! I had bulimia… I use to shake uncontrollably when waiting in line to eat.. I use to pray please God just help me help me eat!!!!!

Jeneen Miller
I’m putting food left for days. Did it sit for weeks? The “preacher” from hell threatened the food would sit for weeks, correct? Sorry, I know this is painful.

Christie Niznik
Yes. Sometimes they were left on the counter, sometimes on the fridge. I saw both.

Trisha Vasquez
Yes you are right

Jeneen Miller
Ok so were the threats days and weeks? The food will sit for days and weeks… I just need you both to verify the threat so I can put it in my book accurately. Ty!

Heather Tierney
I remember them feeding you with a funnel vividly And they bragged about it in chapel I had no idea they were cutting your hair for that reason but it doesn’t surprise me.

Michelle Hearn Thibodeaux Trisha Vasquez,
I am so sorry that you had to endure that kind of mental and physical abuse. Although I was there with you and stayed a very long time, I managed to stay under their radar for the most part. I can’t even imagine to understand some of the struggle that you’ve had trying to undo or accept the damage that has been done because of them. So much love from me to you <3

Trisha Vasquez Michelle Hearn Thibodeaux
Thank you Michelle. It’s hard till this day, they striped me of all dignity respect and worth I had.. it’s so hard because people don’t understand nor want to believe…. but thank all you ladies for validating what I know happened you all give me strength

Jeneen Miller Trisha:
I think it was you that I wrote about. Due to the fact that we couldn’t look at a girl, I put my head down. Plus, we could not speak to each other… When you read the piece I emailed you, is that your story? I’m thinking if Michelle and Heather knew of you (since we could not connect) then I did too. I was at VCA July 88-March 89.

Trisha Vasquez
Yes I was there 88-90

Jeneen Miller
So that was you I wrote about… I’m so sorry.

Trisha Vasquez Jeneen Miller
I wrote you back my thoughts,

Trisha Vasquez Jeneen
You got it so right!!
I remember sitting there crying inside for my dad I had just lost him 2 months prior.. I remember thinking he would never allow this to happen to me!! I wanted to stand up and scream there are more of us then them!! Why isn’t anyone doing anything??? Scared I was going to die scared I’d never leave and this was my eternity…

Trisha Vasquez
I remember they kept shoving food in my mouth hitting my teeth and the back of my throat I kept thinking what could I have do deserve this how could my mom hate me so much? I felt as if I was enduring the pain of their anger they were hiding from the world…

Trisha Vasquez
I use to pray the whole time in line, God please whatever it is not allowing me to eat please remove it if you are real please help me! Over and over again….

Trisha Vasquez
Then they kept starting my time over everytime I didn’t eat on time. So my picture was always the first one as if time stood still for me, I lived in GR didn’t go to school no exercise they gave my bed away and put my stuff in boxes as if I didn’t exist… I just wanted to die!!!

Trisha Vasquez All of this over skipping school? Which I did because after my dad died I felt so lost I couldn’t concentrate couldn’t live, my mom just cared about work and her boyfriends… she didn’t see me didn’t see I was in quicksand fading and was screaming for help instead of pulling me out she sent me to Victory?!!

Trisha Vasquez
Ironic how I was sent there for not going to school and there I sit in a closet dirty vomit all over me broken. Still not going to school.. I felt my mother was paying them to torture me!!!! Why???

Jennifer Berl Ohhhh Trisha. :-( Im so sorry.

Jeneen Miller Trisha Vasquez My internal dialogue (in the lockdown) is the same as your external today. While I was going through Victory, I wondered why no girl spoke and said, “This is wrong! Stop torturing her.” We would be punished ourselves if we said anything …See More

Jeneen Miller Trisha Vasquez
A simple trip to a therapist would have made things better for you as opposed to a reform school. You were grieving for God’s sake. I’m so sorry about your loss and then Victory for a so called grievance package. Keep telling your storie…See More

Trisha Vasquez Jeneen Miller
Before sending me to victory my mother tried a program and they told her your daughter is grieving and is in a severe depression she needs you not a program… she didn’t listen because that would take HER time…

Jeneen Miller Trisha Vasquez
These reform schools, wilderness programs, boot camps, conversion therapy etc. is not the answer. It’s shoving the so called problem to the wayside. Parents need to deal with these issues as a unit instead of casting blame and singling o…See More

Jeneen Miller Jodi Hobbs
Discusses an alternative method. I forgot what it’s called… Let me ask her. I think it’s the Wrap Around Method. I’ll confirm with Jodi Hobbs! Visit for more support.


SIA Organization – Survivors of Institutional Abuse
Jeneen Miller
OMG! I’m so sorry. I feel like I’m underplaying this every time I write about it. This place was a hell. Thank you for being brave and telling your story. This is no way to treat an eating disorder. It almost sounds like I wrote about you. Unfortunately, it was another victim. Trisha, I wrote about the psychological damage of just the threats. You experienced both.

Ashley Maureen Ulriksen
You women are strong and brave. ❤️

Christie Niznik
I remember eating my own vomit. i remember the 2 minute warning. The chunks of the powdered milk made me vomit and beets and green beans and several other nasty items. I still eat very fast, being there 5 years couldn’t shake that.
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Heather Tierney
I eat in a huge hurry … battle with weight gain /weight loss Can’t eat a Beet if someone paid me.

Jennifer Berl
Me too. I never had weight issues until this school.

Michelle Hearn Thibodeaux
I remember walking in on Virginia and B. Palmer force feeding Trisha Vasquez. Disgusting and disturbing :( I eat like an animal, like something out of National Geographic. I write fast, I shower fast. I too, TRY to slow down but the grooves are down deep.

Trisha Vasquez
Other than eating I speed through everything I always get told slow down!!!

Jeneen Miller Christie:
That is awful and so sad. I cannot fathom what you went through. 5 years of that hellhole…

I write about the psychological damages this reformatory had on a day-to-day basis of solely having the threats (that obviously, followed through) o…See More

Christie Niznik Michelle
I am the exact same way

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