Heather Tierney – Survivor

Heather Tierney


Support H.R. 1981: To require certain standards and enforcement provisions to prevent child abuse and neglect in residential programs, and for other purposes.

Dear Rep. Joe Heck:

I support H.R. 3126 (“To require certain standards and enforcement provisions to prevent child abuse and neglect in residential”) because…I am a survivor of Victory “Christian” Academy. We were threatened to eat our own vomit, forced fed, dictated when to use the restroom, and persecuted in the name of God twice a day in chapel by a preacher, Michael Palmer. I have witnessed a 13 year old girl handcuffed and then Palmer ridiculing her in front of the church. He justified his actions by telling us he was only trying to protect her from attempting suicide. Later, I found out from the same survivor that it was not the case. This same girl during “Roast Night” sat in a chair with her mouth duck taped and her hands handcuffed behind her back while girls sat around her saying something derogatory. The wood of the wide chair (too wide for her arms) dug into her arms leaving her with bruises. “Roast Night” was organized by a staff member. She also told me that she spent 3 weeks in isolation. There are other teen programs torturing children as we speak; Hephzibah House is another. Why are doors open for business? I do not want to “babysit” the “Palmers” of America.


Nevada’s 3rd district

Conversation between Heather Tierney & Jeneen Miller regarding the above matter:
    • Heather Tierney do you know i was that girl you are talking about ?

      15 hours ago via mobile · Like
    • Jeneen Monteleone-Miller Yes. I’m sorry that this happened to you.

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    • Jeneen Monteleone-Miller I sent you a personal message. You will always be a beautiful person to me.

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      Heather Tierney

      the only thing that is untrue is the suicide part I never tried to commit suicide .. I just refused to give him the watch off of my wrist and I fought like i would teach my boys to fight I’f someone was trying to Hurt them .. i fought against 7 adults 4 men including brother Brown i must have hit and kicked all of them as I’f my life was at risk i bit miss virgina so hard she needed stitches and a tetnis shot which explains why she felt it necessary to” roast” me … I spent 3 weeks I’n that get right room . My hair had to be cut like a boy because the duck tape had ripped most of it out bruses on my arms so black and blue because the chair was much wider than my arms that were cuffed behind it the wood dugg into them .. alls i know is one day they will answer to Someone and privately i would love to do the same to Bro Palmer and look him I’n his beady little evil eyes and laugh at him except i would never feed him or let him out because he would just get out and hurt more girls I’n his Gods name
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    • Jeneen Monteleone-Miller Wow, Palmer lied to us in chapel. What else is knew. Hey, can you send this to Congress?

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    • Jeneen Monteleone-Miller It is so horrible about what happened to you and worse than what we witnessed.

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    • Heather Tierney i can’t imagine what it must have been like to wittness it and your right I’m not sure what is worse but that is what they did they used scare tatics

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    • Jeneen Monteleone-Miller You are a strong soul. If you ever need anything, I’ll always be there for you because now I can.

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      • Jeneen Monteleone-Miller

        • Yes. Did you know I was the girl who said something nice about you because there wasn’t anything negative I could say. Ms. V….  said, “That’s what I like about you Jeneen, you always find the good in everyone.” What a revelation! I’m so sorry you had to go through that and it something I’ll never forget. I felt like a German that couldn’t save a human life because my “hands were tied.” I’m so sorry I couldn’t save you. I’m writing about you in my book with a pseudonym. I hope this is ok.

      • Jeneen Monteleone-Miller

        • Do you mind if I put this on my blog? Let me know. It supports what I said and then some.

      • Heather Tierney

        • not at all I’m always happy to help

      • Heather Tierney

        • no need to appologize how could you have known why i was I’n that chair ? they only told us what they wanted to which was never the truth what’s worse is what they told my mom and that she told them to do whatever they needed to do to control me … now that was devistating the manipulation I’n Gods name our parents were defenatly included i tell her mom it’s okay you didn’t know

      • Jeneen Monteleone-Miller

        14 minutes ago

        Jeneen Monteleone-Miller

        • You are so sweet Heather. I’m putting that in my blog. I knew I was right about you. You are an angel.

      • Heather Tierney

        6 minutes ago

        Heather Tierney

        • Thank you for having courage to go up against them .. I had blocked out the majority of Victory for years put it I’n the back of my head for my own survival then when I was forced to face it .. I dwelled on it and placed alot of blame and anger with my family for months ..how could you and why did you do this stuff .. it took a long time to accept and move on ..I too have thought about writing a book but it is to painful for my mom she gets so nervous when I bring it up because of her guilt and shame of what she allowed to happen to me . I know that you girls will get it out there and one day Br Palmer will be stopped I’m just sorry it’s taking this long

      Wow, a “monster” that Palmer tried to portray in front of the church but really he was displaying an angel.  When someone can forgive parents…  She is an amazingly strong person who has a good heart.  I always knew she was an angel.

      Ask yourself this America:  Why did a 13 year old girl need 7 adults to tackle her?  Are we allowed to duck tape our children and handcuff them in our own home?  What about her breathing abilities?  Crying while her mouth was shut with duck tape.  She could have suffocated.  Why didn’t any staff think this was wrong?  No girl could say anything negative about the staff or it would have been us in a chair or isolation or starting over in the ranking system.  We were terrified to say anything and we couldn’t exactly walk away from “Roast Night.”  We didn’t have any options.  We were robots following orders.  I lived with the guilt of not being able to save this girl and watching her while she was being tormented in the name of God.  Today she set me free.  I urge you to vote HR 3126 NOW.  These programs still continue to exist today and you can put a stop to it right now.



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  1. Sometimes it still feels like yesterday 23 years have passed and our government is allowing this to continue so my silence is no longer an option nobody had a voice for us when we were young thankfully there are so many of us with a voice and one day child abuse will be death penalty

  2. Jeneen Miller says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more Heather. We are the tools to get things done because we have that passion to help others. When you’ve been through something horrific, you want to do everything in your power to prevent it from happening to someone else. Thank you Heather. You are an amazing survivor.

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