Empowering Yourself – Angelique de Wolfe

cr33svewyauddnja65204_808c6f4ce6124245aa80093f8d509fbcmv2_d_2448_1836_s_2Visit: AngeliquedeWolfe.com for more information about your guidance in your personal journey of recovery.

Angelique specializes in energy work for:

Weight Gain
Sleep Disorders



Do you keep finding yourself in the same situation over and over again?

​You can change these patterns and undergo change through consciousness grid realignments — all of which assist you to undergo healing multi-dimensionally and simultaneously in all the bodies, so the connection to your own self and soul increases and your sense of connection to yourself and to and from others becomes clearer, natural more joyful and loving.

Healings also assist in finding the root cause of physical ailments and then treating it from that level, through to the physical body where it has manifested, bringing one back to a sense of Wholeness and Peace.

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